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This German company offers high-tech stainless steel technology purpose-built for professional weld cleaning with easy handling and first-class results.

Mobile Workstation

  • The Inoxliner is controlled by a microprocessor and the power through the different mode-options (cleaning, polishing and marking) is regulated.
  • Millions of small “shorts” are produced due to the carbon-brush rubbing against the stainless steel surface, resulting in a perfect cleaning result.

In the cleaning process the relatively weak oxide layer is broken and the released irons are bounded with the electrolyte. The electrolyte just needs to be wiped from the component and a clean passivized stainless steel surface is obtained.

  • During cleaning Inoxliner foams the electrolyte, whereby the chromium and nickel come into direct contact with the oxygen, which again generates the protective passive layer.
  • The steel refiner chromium reacts to oxygen depending on the base material activation degree, the room temperature and the oxygen supply.
  • A high quality passive layer is immediately achieved as well as an excellent chemical resistance.

  • Portability and flexibility
  • Single button control
  • Matrix display
  • Sk25 high flexible extendable cable
  • Electrolyte tray
  • Cleans hard to reach places as well as large surfaces
  • Easy, neat storage compartments
  • Solid rubber wheels and locking device
  • 3 high performance carbon fiber brushes
  • Electrolyte speed and overhead
  • Easy to use, fast and environmentally friendly

A power pack basic-set as well as complete-set option is available.
Please contact us for more information or complete specifications.