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Tools & Accessories

Own drill press, milling machine or CNC system can be used with the following Tools & Accessories.

  • Specified by diameter and style: Short, Long, Short/flat OR Long/flat

  • Available with MC2 shank (sizes up to 14.9 mm) or MC3 shank (sizes 10.0 mm. and larger)
  • A 20.0 mm. shank is also available for both sizes.
  • The toolholders have a special heat sink attached for dissipating excess heat generated by repetitive drilling.


  • A roll forming style tap used to maximize thread strength and pull-out resistance. No chips are produced.

  • Prolongs tool life by reducing material build up on the tool. Lubricants are available in both paste and liquid form. Lubrication units are available for use in CNC machines.


  • Maximizes tool life of taps while maintaining high quality threads.

  • Automotive, heating and cooling, medical equipment, building structural frameworks, road lighting and signal fixtures and metal furniture.


PSD 250 Minimum Lubrication System AND PSD 250 Spray System

Lubrication system: For lubricants in the 1000 mm²/sec viscosity range.
Spray system: Minimum lubrications system for the external feed of paste-type products.

  • For use with paste-type lubricants in the viscosity range 1000 mm²/sec.
  • Sight glass facilitates the use of high-tack products.
  • Delivery of the products from a pressurised reservoir without the use of pumps or other moving parts.
  • Coaxial feed pipe to the nozzle, with separate ducts for medium-pressure air and spray pressure air.
  • Electrical control with solenoid valve.
  • Automatic circulation of the lubricant in the reservoir, using a ventilated reservoir base, allows the use of products containing solid lubricant particles.

  • Under controlled delivery pressure, the lubricant is directed from a pressurised reservoir via a differential pressure metering device and into a coaxial pipe, where it is mixed with compressed air and ejected through a nozzle.
  • The low pressure atomisation at the outlet from the nozzle produces a consistent, uniform spray pattern. The spraying air can be adjusted with the aid of a pressure regulator.

  • No moving parts to wear out.
  • Straightforward installation.
  • No drips.
  • Very fast setup.

  • Formdrill on numerically controlled machine tools.
  • Formdrill in automated production plants.
  • Formdrill on vertical drilling machines for longer production runs.