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For over 125 years E.H.Wachs has manufactured the world’s finest portable pipe machining tools and valve exercisers. Specially designed for water and gas distribution system operators, their products are solidly built to help maintain these systems with greater efficiency and safety.
The products are designed and built to last a lifetime and the company is ISO 9001 certified.

Valve Maintenance Systems

Valve Maintenance Trailers


The GRAND LX with the optional ERV-750 and TM-7 onboard is the industry standard for a completely upgradable, versatile platform designed to transport all the valve maintenance and vacuum tools needed in the field. Built for years of reliable service, it’s the perfect solution for municipalities or contractors looking for a rugged, long lasting self-contained system.

Valve Exerciser Options
Most clients choose to equip their GRAND LX with the versatile ERV-750.
This combination allows a single operator to easily reach and turn most valves from the curbside, using the Intelligent Automation.

Many municipalities with big or older, stubborn valves will specify adding our TM-7 heavy duty exerciser. Cranking out up to an incredible 2500 ft-lbs of torque (3390 Nm), it’s compatible with the Intelligent Automation, Recon controller and VITALS software. Equipped with VITALS, the TM-7 will apply the minimum force needed, and trigger auto reverse or auto shut down to virtually eliminate valve breakage.

Every GRAND LX is constructed with:

  • Fully welded high strength steel box section frame
  • Dexter torsion axle rated @ 7000 lbs GVWR
  • Choice of ball or pintle hitch
  • Bulldog super duty platform jack stand (extendable by hand crank)
  • Painted steel road wheels and heavy duty tires

Completely Customizable
Designed to carry the ERV-750 and TM-7, the configuration that will work best for a client can be specified. Completely customizable, it’s built for the long haul and can be upgraded later as budgets allow.

Standard equipment on the GRAND LX includes a 27 horsepower gasoline or 29 horsepower diesel driven power supply, a powerful Utility Vac for cleaning out vaults and meter boxes, a high pressure Water

Jet system for additional vault cleaning and light excavation, a 250L water tank and a power tilting 946L spoils tank.

When ERV-750 equipped, the combination of Intelligent Automation, VITALS Mobile software and Recon controller offers unparalleled productivity, even for an inexperienced operator.

Popular options to consider for your GRAND LX:

  • Hydraulic Pump Kit for powering additional tools
  • Upright spoils tank with side discharge
  • Hose Reel Kit
  • Hot Water Kit
  • Telescoping Valve Key
  • Precision Excavating Wands
  • Short Boy Wash Down Wand
  • Aluminum Locking Tool Box
  • Light Package (halogen Work Lights and DOT approved strobe)
  • Diesel Engine Upgrade
  • Handheld Valve Operators
  • Trailer Spare Tire Kit
  • Chrome Plated Road Wheels
  • Custom Paint Colors


The STANDARD LX features a large power tilting rear facing spoils tank and an aft-mounted ERV-750 valve exerciser as standard equipment. Designed for curbside usage, it sets new standards for operator safety and convenience.

Single User Operation
The ERV-750 extended reach exerciser included with the STANDARD LX has a 3.96m reach, and a powerful and fully usable 750 ft-lbs of torque (1015 Nm). Self-contained and requiring no power from the towing vehicle, it includes the HPU-750 (Hydraulic Power Unit) to power the ERV and an included auxiliary tool circuit.

It is designed for remote operation where the user does not have to physically hold the machine down on the valve. Equipped with our industry exclusive Intelligent Automation and VITALS software, a single person, even an inexperienced one, can successfully implement the valve turning program.

Power & Convenience
The STANDARD LX features electro-hydraulic powered dumping, which moves the tank 305mm prior to tilting 60 degrees for dumping. This automatically positions the tank clear of the trailer for easy clean out through the 1,067mm top hinged door opening. With the included pressure washer it adds the capability to perform light excavation and line location.


  • Safe Curbside Operation and Controls
  • Powerful 27 HP Gasoline or 29 HP Diesel Engine
  • Large 946L Spoils Tank
  • Optional High Capacity 1,325L Spoils Tank
  • 3 Stage Filtration, Washable Filters
  • Unique Spoils Electro-Hydraulic Dumping System
  • Fully Welded Steel Box Section Frame


The COMPACT LX trailer is the perfect platform for the ERV-750 when no vacuum is needed, space is an issue or a light trailer is preferred to truck mounted solutions.
The complete trailer weighs less than 635 kg, measures a compact 160 cm x 267 cm and is easily pulled with light duty vehicles and is therefore ideal for narrow city streets and tight alleys, for fragile or forested landscapes or anywhere a large and heavy trailer or truck won’t fit.
Conforming to AWWA valve exercising procedures is easy with the Intelligent Automation and Recon handheld controller.

Self-contained and requiring no power from the tow vehicle, it includes the powerful HPU-750 hydraulic power unit, which powers the ERV and its included auxiliary hydraulic tool circuit.

The Compact LX is constructed with:

  • Fully welded high strength steel box section frame
  • Dexter torsion axle rated @ 2000 lbs. GVWR
  • Choice of ball or pintle hitch
  • Swivel jack stand (extendable by hand crank)
  • Painted steel road wheels and heavy duty tires
  • Built in keyway storage


Valve Maintenance Trucks


Prior to the ERV-750 extended reach valve turning systems were fragile and could not develop the necessary torque to free stuck valves. The ERV-750 offers an easier, safer and more productive alternative – true hands free operation with Intelligent Automation. Extended Reach Valve turning and maintenance systems have been perfected with this model.

It allows a single operator to quickly and easily reach and turn any valve from 6” to 60” (DN150-1500), including inaccessible and obstructed valve boxes. With a 3.96m reach, it will apply up to 750 ft-lbs of torque (1015 Nm) in a graduated sequence, using patented Intelligent Automation.

The design offers flexibility without compromises, and far greater effective power.
The articulated ERV-750 arm is simply placed near the valve, the telescoping or jointed keyway inserted, and the valve is remotely and safely exercised using our handheld Recon controller.
The ERV-750 does not require the operator to physically hold it down on the valve.

For powering a pickup truck mounted ERV-750, the HPU-750 or a PTO are used.

There are four configurations to choose from:

  • Customer installed front bumper mount, where the entire truck bed is free for use.
  • Pedestal Mount, most space efficient of bed mounts, unit stows lengthwise along the bed sidewall
  • Bed Carriage Mount, allows unit to slide and store totally inside the bed. Its low profile design allows the use of a cap
  • Hitch Mount, entire truck bed is free for use.


  • Patented Intelligent Automation: With Intelligent Automation, only the minimum amount of torque necessary is applied, virtually eliminating valve breakage. It’s fully automated, so even inexperienced operators can quickly and safely free stuck and neglected valves. Using the industry leading VITALS software, users can obtain critical information on valve health, such as valve type, open/close status, turn direction and torque requirements. All of this information is easily logged, uploaded, stored and synchronized.
  • Truck or Trailer Mounting: The ERV-750 offers a wide range of trailer or truck mounting options. Trailers are self-contained with the power supply on board, while truck mounting can use a PTO for power. The ERV-750 is built to last a lifetime.


The TM-7 is ideal for valves that are old, corroded and resist turning by ordinary exercisers.
Using it with the patented Intelligent Automation, it can apply up to a massive 2500 ft-lbs (3390 Nm) of torque. With a large variety of truck and trailer mounting options to choose from, the TM-7 is the ultimate in power operated valve operators.

Tough but Smart
At its maximum torque output the TM-7 could easily break most valves, but the Intelligent Automation monitors torque gently applies the minimum force required in a gradual sequence. Equipped with a Recon handheld controller and VITALS software, the TM-7 will remotely exercise the valve, capture the data and activate auto reverse and auto shut down as needed, eliminating potential valve breakage completely.

Our Recon GPS handheld controller allows the user to stand clear of the keyway for safety. The operator can monitor the turning sequence on the VITALS Mobile screen in real time, while the Recon captures the information to synchronize with your water management system.

Designed for Stubborn Valves
Using a TM-7 to safely implement AWWA valve exercising procedures on large valves is easy, even for an inexperienced operator, as the TM-7 fully conforms to the AWWA Valve Exercising Standard.
Available with truck and trailer mounting options, the TM-7 is self-contained, modular and will fit almost any vehicle or trailer. Mounting a TM-7 to our GRAND LX Trailer offers a huge range of motion, for unparalleled productivity.
Designed for stubborn valves, even ones you may already have scheduled for replacement, if it’s not broken the TM-7 will likely turn it.


  • Ideal for larger, older systems
  • Industry leading torque
  • Newest design single drive
  • Case hardened, torque accepting construction
  • Multiple truck and trailer mount options
  • Patented Intelligent Automation
  • VITALS™ Compatible


Handheld Valve Exercisers

Pow-R-Drive 2

The Pow-R-Drive 2 is the industry’s leading handheld exerciser. Offered in pneumatic, hydraulic and electric drive, it 2 is the ultimate handheld for increased productivity, operator safety and valve protection.

Easy one man operation

  • A lightweight handheld tool, the Pow-R-Drive 2 features fingertip control, and is designed to reduce operator fatigue by resting the weight of the machine on the valve key – not on the operator’s arms.
  • Faster and more powerful than any other tool of its kind, the Pow-R-Drive 2 sets up in seconds and requires only one person to operate.
  • With the Intelligent Automation onboard, even an inexperienced operator can effectively and safely exercise the toughest valves without damage.
  • The Pow-R-Drive 2 has user adjustable torque control limits, including indicators that signal when preset limits are reached. The Intelligent Automation will automatically trigger auto reverse or auto shut down to prevent valve damage.

Light, yet powerful

  • The Pow-R-Drive 2 features the ideal combination of light weight (16 kg) power and ease of use. It’s perfect for hard to reach valves and fast shut downs, delivering controlled power to operate valves from 6” to 60” (DN150-1500).


  • Lightweight, yet Powerful
  • Ease of Set Up and Use
  • Safe, Finger Tip Control
  • One Man Setup and Operation
  • Superior Ergonomics
  • Data Collection
  • New Higher Operating Speeds

3 models available:

  • Hydraulic Drive
  • Electric Drive
  • Pneumatic Drive


The RS-2 is a handheld exerciser designed to operate both rising and non-rising stem valves (with the appropriate adaptors), delivering up to a powerful 800 ft-lbs (1085 Nm) of torque to exercise valves from 6” to 60” (DN150-1500).

New higher speeds

  • The RS-2 is offered in pneumatic, hydraulic and electric drive options, running at high speeds for increased productivity.
  • The RS-2 is available with the patented Intelligent Automation, with its user adjustable torque control limits including indicators that signal when pre-set limits are reached, and trigger auto reverse or auto shut down as needed to prevent valve damage.


  • Versatile and Powerful
  • Operates Rising and Non Rising Valves
  • One Man Setup and Operation
  • Universal Handwheel Adaptor
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Torque Accepting, Rugged Construction
  • New Higher Operating Speeds


GIS –GPS Controller and Software

E.H. Wachs has long been an innovator in the field of computerised data collection. An industry first,
VITALS (Valve Information Tracking And Logging System) Mobile features the ability to synchronize with computer desktops and communicate with all leading GIS Systems.
Residing on the system computer, VITALS Desktop enables the two way synchronizing between the Recon and GIS system.
With VITALS, you can import all your existing data labels and categories.
There’s no forcing your existing data into static predefined fields and it’s now possible to carry the entire system’s data right in the palm of your hand!
VITALS software allows the user to view and log critical information on valve performance and operation, all in real time. This information allows the operator to visualize exactly what’s happening at the valve. Adjustable torque control limits include indicators that signal when pre-set limits are reached, and trigger auto reverse or auto shut down to prevent valve damage.

Recon Handheld Controller

  • The TDS Recon is the ideal companion to the ERV-750 and the TM-7 truck and trailer mounted valve exercisers. This handheld computer delivers maximum performance and reliability in a lightweight, rugged design that’s easy to carry.

GPS and Sub Meter GPS Available

  • Available in a standard configuration, an upgraded GPS version or with the latest highly precise Sub Meter GPS, the GPS Recon controllers allow clients to automatically gather longitude and latitude coordinates of valve locations.


  • VITALS™ Mobile offers the ability to Sync with your desktop
  • Runs under Windows Mobile
  • VITALS is capable of full integration with all leading GIS systems
  • Import all your existing data fields unchanged, including labels
  • User Defined Fields, choose what works best for you
  • Compact Recon with touch screen, bright display and Bluetooth® makes synchronizing a snap!



Pipe Cutting

Diamond Wire Guillotine
The Diamond Wire Guillotine pipe saw is designed to safely cold cut Steel, Ductile and Cast Iron pipe from 4” to 16” O.D. (DN100-400).
Motion of cutting media is limited by mechanical devices enclosed in the stainless steel housing, protecting the operator and preventing any uncontrolled movement of the tool for operator safety.

The light weight durable construction allows for quick and easy set up. Operation is easy with one person manual control. There is a choice of horizontal or vertical mounting and it connects directly to the Wachs TM-7 or standard HPU. Diamond Wire Guillotine pipe saw package comes complete with Diamond Wire, Shipping/Storage Skid, Water Delivery System, Operating Hand Tools and Manual.


  • Cuts from 4”-16” pipe (DN100-400)
  • Lightweight and portable, weighs only 34kgs
  • Quick and easy setup, one man operation
  • Does not bind like traditional saws


The Trav-L-Cutter is a portable milling machine capable of simultaneously cold cutting and bevelling on all machinable pipe materials, schedules and sizes from 6” up to 72” O.D. (DN150-1800).
It cuts and bevels simultaneously, and can be fitted to most diameter pipe and vessels, making it the reason it is recognized as the most versatile machine of its kind.

Simple operation, rugged construction
Secured by its own drive and tensioning chain, the Trav-L-Cutter drives itself around the pipe as it
machines. Extremely versatile, by adding extra drive chain lengths the Trav-L-Cutter can tackle larger pipes and vessels, leaving a smooth, machined finish. Weld prep bevels of 30 and 37.5 degrees are standard, with other angles available by special request. Ruggedly built, the Trav-L-Cutter is used in every corner of the world.

Out of Round Compensation
The Trav-L-Cutter chain feed system maintains continuous out of round compensation, while providing positive drive under all conditions. By using an optional guide track and special guide track wheels, accuracy of 0.13mm can be maintained on all pipe sizes, even in zero visibility conditions. This cutting method facilitates section removal in the field where new sections, pre-cut by the same method, can be easily dropped in place.


  • Safe and effective cold cutting
  • Cutting and Bevelling in one operation
  • Compact design, easy set-up
  • Horizontal and vertical cutting
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic drive


The family of portable Guillotine reciprocating saws are reciprocating designs, built to efficiently cut 2” through 32” (DN50-800) pipe of all materials, as well as solids such as bar stock and rails. Their compact design and ease of use provide fast, accurate cutting of pipe for contractors, water departments, gas companies and most industrial piping applications.

Quick and Easy Setup
Setup is quick and easy – the chain mounting system utilises a machined cast iron “V”-saddle base that assures perfectly square cuts. Mounting horizontally or vertically, the saws require minimal clearance and combine light weight with simple, rugged construction for quick setup, low maintenance and a long service life.

Fast Cutting Action
All models feature fingertip feed control and a fast cutting action, with easily changed blades. The cutting action lifts the blade from the cut on the return stroke, dramatically extending blade life. Auto-clamp, auto-feed and remote control options are available for difficult or hazardous environments.

Size models:

  • Super C: cuts 2” to 12” (DN50-300)
  • Super D: cuts 10” to 24” (DN250-600) or up to 22” (DN550) on ductile pipe



These E.H. Wachs submersible pumps are lightweight, compact designs built to dewater quickly and efficiently. Featuring reliable and waterproof direct drive hydraulic motors, they can safely be run dry. Available in a compact dewatering pump, and a heavy duty trash pump capable of discharging solids up to 76mm.

Model WDP3500 500 GPM (1890 L/min) Hydraulic Pump

A lightweight, compact dewatering pump capable of discharging water quickly and quietly. It features a direct drive hydraulic motor designed for continuous use and can be run dry without damage.


  • Compact, light yet powerful
  • Hydraulic direct drive motor
  • Discharge 500 gpm (1,890 L/min) water at a 40 foot head (1,220 cm water column)
  • Designed for continuous high speed operation

Model WTP4800 800 GPM (3028 L/min) Hydraulic Pump

A heavy duty, compact trash pump capable of discharging sand, gravel, sludge and solids up to 76mm in diameter. It features a “free flow” impeller with a direct drive hydraulic motor designed for continuous use, and can be run dry without damage. Compact dimensions fit into tight spaces: only 419mm high with a 483mm diameter.


  • Quiet running, powerful free flow impeller resists clogging
  • Hydraulic direct drive motor
  • Discharge 800 gpm (3,028 L/min) water at a 14 foot head (425 cm water column)
  • Pumps up to 76mm diameter solids


Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulics pack more power in less space than any other source. Completely sealed, hydraulic power is perfect for muddy, dusty, offshore and other challenging or dangerous environments.
E.H. Wachs offers standard gas, diesel and electric units that can be cart, trailer or skid mounted, plus special units built to unique customer requirements.

11 HP gasoline engine, hydraulic cart mounted power unit, with electric start and oil cooler, rated for 10 GPM @ 1500 PSI (38 LPM @ 103 BAR)






15 HP gasoline engine, hydraulic skid mounted power unit with electric start, heavy duty oil cooler and auxiliary circuit, used for powering the ERV-750™, rated for 8 GPM @ 1800 PSI (30 LPM @ 124 BAR)